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This Is Liftoff - EP

by Rocketship Radio

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    Hello friends,
    We love you so much that we've decided to give you our music for free! We hope you enjoy our music as much as we enjoy you listening to it.
    -Rocketship Radio

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released December 10, 2010

Dustin Ward [Ground Control] - Drums
Logan Mckern [Uncle Logan] - Bass
Kalani Hubbard [Sky Captain] - Vocals/Guitar



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Rocketship Radio San Francisco, California

Rocketship Radio is an electronic rock band from Vacaville, California. Formed in late 2010 by Kalani Hubbard, Dustin Ward, Logan McKern, joined in 2011 by Kevin Ohlin.

From party pop to post rock, and everything in-between.

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Track Name: Your Heart Beats My Name
It's like a black hole pulling me in
Like when the sky streaks down on to the earth
An exhilaration I've never felt before
brings me to my knees, face down on the floor
It's a love that's stronger than death
It's a life you live, and never regret
It's a song you sing, It's a fire inside
I'm in love, I'm in love and I'm alive

Hey Oh, I'm in love and I'm alive

Your heart beats my name
Makes my heart skip a beat
Track Name: Story Of A Happy Astronaut
Have you ever felt like you needed a sign?
Yeah I know, Yeah I know I need one. Are you ready for mine?
It's kind of like a melody, a song of love, a song of time
It's like love is falling from the sky

Because I love Your rain, I love the way You make it pour
And every time I see the sky so dark it makes me so much more,
So excited for this life, pedals falling from the sky
And I scream that I'm in love

When the sky is dark and the stars go hide
Yeah I know, Yeah I know That a love note is about to arrive
And when the storm is overhead and waters rushing around me, I'll take a breath and grab your hand to pull me in
Track Name: Luma Shine
And we'll shine
Illuminate this city, Let your light shine out
Lets frustrate the darkness now
Eliminate all sorrow, Let the lost be found
We'll carry light inside our sound
And we'll shine
Track Name: Silhouette
I watched the sun rise high, Your silhouette in mine
I felt a blow of wind, I felt the cold against my skin

As I gazed upon this place, In a field as big as space
I felt a fire burn inside, I felt a voice say I'm alive
I'm alive
So alive

I'm alive for what You've done
Breathing life because we've won
I'm alive no I'm not dead
Washed me white with color red

Your love is all I need, Your love is all I need
Your touch is all I want, Your touch is all I want
Your Love is all I want, Your love Is all I want,
It's all I want, It's all I want
Track Name: It's All For You
It's All For You